Achieve and Maintain Compliance

Your software and cloud infrastructure is always changing letting you drift out of compliance. Automate remaining in compliance with JupiterOne.

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Streamline Certifications

Don’t let certifications such as HITRUST, PCI, SOC2, ISO 27001 distract your team and drain your budget. Get certified quicker and with less resources using JupiterOne.

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Improve Team Efficiency

Enable your team to be more focused on feature development and business value. A DevSecOps culture supported by JupiterOne’s automation enables your entire technical team to contribute to security operations.

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Automate Management

Automate the management of your cloud infrastructure, always have complete visibility, and adopt a DevSecOps culture with JupiterOne.

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Continuously Protect Your Customers

Protect your customers, and your business, with an always up-to-date view of your architecture, resources, interrelationships and severity of alerts.

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Sell More, Faster

Sell more and reduce your sales cycle by reducing the time and effort required for security reviews with JupiterOne.

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Architecting, implementing and operationalizing commercial-levelSaaS security is a four step process.



Understand the need for security, your scope in the shared responsibility model operating in the cloud and the cost and exposure a security incident will involve.



Catalog your current security systems and architecture, and identify gaps. Our free security process workbook and blueprint facilitates this stage.



Establish and document a foundational set of polices and procedures that you will use to implement your security program. Leverage our blueprint to facilitate implementation of security controls. Contact us at any time to automate the creation and maintenance of your policies and controls



After you establish your security program and controls, you will need to continuously Operate, Manage and Optimize as your organization continues to evolve. Leverage the JupiterOne Security Platform to automate these efforts instead of using silo’d solutions or manual resources.

JupiterOne launches and boosts your security operations

  • Leverage a certified blueprint for security implementation and operations
  • Take full advantage of all native AWS services in your own account(s). No need to run in a vendor's account, be limited on which AWS services you can use or pay premiums on top of AWS's costs.
  • Context-aware security automation
  • Automate all risk management, security operations and compliance audit tasks in a single platform
  • Visualize every dynamic instance, service, function, table, bucket, etc.
  • Identify real threats with less tuning and higher confidence through extensive contextual insight & evaluation

JupiterOne was created by SaaS company LifeOmic. Our team members had been through the pain of reactive security policy development. To avoid past mistakes, we designed our platform from day one with fully operationalized security.

As a result, we achieved HIPAA compliance and HITRUST CSF Certification painlessly and in record time. Based on feedback from other SaaS companies, we recognized the broader applicability of the security platform we built. JupiterOne was born.

"JupiterOne helped us at a critical junction of our product and business. The JupiterOne solution gave us the confidence to develop and deploy highly secure software while continuously maintaining rigorous compliance requirements – without adding any additional operational resources."

— Ethan Bechtel

Get ahead of the inevitable. Take the free security assessment or Download our free resource for security policy and planning to get started.

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