Integrates with all cloud tools and platforms you use today

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Integrates with

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Okta
  • Bitbucket
  • GitHub

Additionally, JupiterOne provides an open SDK for building integration to your custom solutions

Direct integrations connect your systems and environments.

JupiterOne automatically connects and analyzes resources from the tools you use today. With a simple, one time setup, JupiterOne connects to AWS, source code management and other security tools.

Once connected, JupiterOne automatically updates to reflect any changes to your security environment, ensuring you have complete, accurate visibility and can spot changes that may cause issues.

Our catalog of integrations is always growing. You can also easily write integrations yourself via our SDK to support custom solutions.

Key Features

Amazon Web Services (AWS) integrations including:

  • IAM Users, Groups, Roles, and Policies
  • EC2 Instances, EBS Volumes, Security Groups
  • VPCs and Subnets
  • S3 Buckets
  • API Gateways
  • Lambda Functions
  • Config Rules and Compliance Status
  • RDS Databases (coming soon)
  • DynamoDB Tables (coming soon)
  • Cross Account Assume Role Trust Relationships (coming soon)

Okta Integration includes data on:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Auto-mapping to Employees
  • Applications (coming soon)

Bitbucket and Github includes data on:

  • Teams
  • Projects
  • Repos
  • Authors
  • Commits (coming soon)